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Creative Services

Creative Consulting

I have an abundance of experience working in a variety of media formats including but not limited to: radio, television news, documentary film, advertising, online video production and social media content creation. Some experience includes working alongside professionals like filmmaker Michael Moore, Actor Mark Ruffalo and musical artists AJR.

I specialize in the planning, creating and distributing of Public Service Announcements but have worked on and am open to a variety of other projects. REACH OUT today to learn more about this service and schedule a consultation.


Video Production

Beyond creative consultation, I am skilled in photography, videography, and non-linear editing. I specialize in and operate primarily on Canon DSLR cameras but am capable of adapting to utilizing most gear, especially Sony and Nikon models. I am certified in Adobe Premiere Pro and edit on Adobe Creative Suite. Some experience includes product photography, editing public service announcements and videoing live performances and sporting events.

Archival Organizing & Digitization

My archival experience began in high school collecting guest lectures from Holocaust Survivors and filming the school performances. I work primarily with physical media like VHS and DVD as well as SD cards and hard drives. GET IN TOUCH with me for advice and assistance organizing your media archives today.

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Social Media Managing

I have roughly four years experience directly running professional social media pages across a variety of platforms for social good organizations as well as private businesses. Platforms included: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Vimeo, and Youtube. My work has continually reached beyond digital spaces to impact and alter our world culturally and politically.

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