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Political Services

Political Lobbying

I have roughly five years experience leading groups of college and high school aged youth in the DMV (DC, VA, and MD) area to lobby and petition state, city, and Congressional Representatives on issues

of gun violence prevention, mental health support, and community safety. This work has culminated in greater funding for violence research and violence interruption services as well as historic gun safety legislation in FEDERALLY and in VA.


International Human Rights Advocacy

I organize, lobby and advocate publicly for the promotion of human rights both in the United States and abroad. Most of this work I carry out alongside Amnesty International USA, lending my voice as a young survivor of violence testifying to the INTER-AMERICAN 

COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS in 2019 and delivering testimony to various embassies in the 2020 UNIVERSAL PERIODIC REVIEW FOR THE UNITED STATES.

Speech Writing, Press & Communications

I have over 8 years experience engaging with members of the press going back to my time as the producer of WMSD-TV News in High School. While I assisted with press releases, content coordination  and political messaging in my social media manager role at March For Our Lives, the 2020 PRESIDENTIAL GUN SAFETY FORUM was the largest event in which I helped coordinate journalists interview the then Democratic candidates for President.


Campaign Consulting

I routinely work with local, state and federal campaigns for public office that are dedicated to reducing violence and promoting higher quality of life. I have a lot of experience working with folks running for office in CA, VA, TX, NY, FL, MD and DC. I have carried out political campaign work in over three dozen states to date and seen great success at raising youth voter registration and turnout. EMAIL me if you have a campaign you would like support on.

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