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Educational Services

Public Speaking

Are you looking for a speaker for your organization, program or class? I have experience working with folks of all ages ranging in backgrounds and beliefs. On top of my political advocacy, I am a multimedia journalist, professional improvisational comedy performer and storyteller. I can speak to virtually any audience of people (especially when provided translation services) and provide insights from my experience in these various fields.



I can train and educate people ranging from ages 8 to 108 in storytelling, advocacy, organizing, social media managing, gun violence prevention policy, human rights policy, Latin American foreign policy, and identifying propaganda. These trainings are often incredibly interactive with lots of participation from students. These are not long lectures but brief crash courses combined with fruitful conversation and plenty of time for expansive questions.

Source for Academic Papers & Student Journalists

Given my lived experience and expertise, I have been asked on many occasions to interview not just with professional media but with student media and those writing academic papers. As a former student journalist, I understand the difficulty in finding reliable sources and I leave myself open to those who have interest in speaking with me. CONTACT me if I could be of service and be sure to describe what it is you may be interested in. That said I will ask you do research beforehand to determine if what you want to ask me is already publicly available, though I am more than open to clarify anything you may find.

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